Jan 24, 2006

To be fair to Bill Ford

I picked on Bill Ford for talking about innovation in a nonspecific way, but I also liked a number of things he said. I hope he can stay with the long term view he says Ford will take, and stick to his resolve to kick the addiction to price incentives. Rediscovering the company's strengths and building on them sounds worthwhile -- we will see.

I'm not sure Mark Fields gets it. He was saying some of the right things, but didn't have the look in his eyes that I've come to recognize in people who understand Toyota-exemplified principles.

They are at the helm of a gigantic oil tanker headed for an iceberg, and the engines are cutting out. Unfortunately, there are a lot of us standing on the deck.

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qualityg says said...

Hopefully Mr. Ford can dig deep in his gene pool and come up with some innovations like Henry Ford I.

I always hear about Toyota and Kanban. Many do not know that it was Henry that initiated the just-in-time inventory system in the 1920s. Source: Book "Today & Tomorrow" by Samuel Crowther and Henry Ford).

p/s - Even Mr.Taiichi Ohno states that he learned it all from that book.


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