Apr 17, 2006

Slogging on...

Through our member services, publications, events, professional development resources and chapter and technical community networking activities… Whoa! Seems like we want to make a point that the members have hired people to make “products” (don’t get me started on the word “product” – do we ever get up in the morning saying, “I gotta get me some products”?) Hiring people who know about the businesses of publishing, producing expositions and conferences, and maintaining an infrastructure that supports member activities is not a bad thing to do. If the staff can bring in more money than it costs to employ them, even better. Sounds like we want a concise statement of the range of available opportunities for learning and networking.

Manufacturing practitioners, managers and executives find education and networking opportunities at seminars, regional and international conferences, trade shows, and local chapter meetings.

Members turn to SME’s industry-leading magazine, videos, and books for up-to-date information about manufacturing equipment and practices.

Seems like I'm writing a whole brochure here, but I think I'll go on and see if it can be reduced when we're done.

Here's what I'd like to accomplish - What would make an SME member feel proud to belong to this professional society, and make someone not a member want to be a part of it? What would make inactive members want to start something worthwhile with other members?

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