Apr 15, 2006

SME identification part 2

We are internationally recognized by manufacturing practitioners, companies and other organizations as their source for information, education and networking. Saying “We are internationally recognized…” is a little like starting a press release by saying, “We are pleased to announce…” I classify that as a “so what?” statement. It’s kind of like a vision statement – lofty and partially true. Like saying, "We're great."

And how can a company recognize anything? A company is a thing. Hmm… seems like the ideas “international” and the words “education” and “networking” are worth bringing up. We already talked about “information” in the first sentence.

Know what? I can’t really do anything with this sentence, so I’m going to leave it out for now. What do you want to do with it?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, no ideas, it's getting too deep for me. :-(

Unknown said...

Hi Larry,

Hmmm...sounds like we agree on that. Having started this, however, I can't go on to another subject until I finish it. ;)

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