Jul 29, 2006

5S coaches/champions get a preview of the blitz

This is the text of a letter sent by Don Butcher, VP, La-Z-Boy Dayton plant, to key members of the blitz team...

Congratulations! You have been selected to be a 5S Coach and a Champion in our 5S+1 Makeover Blitz during the week of July 31st – August 4th.

During the next week, we will be conducting 5S cleaning and organizing activities with the help and support of 5S Champions throughout the division, as well as numerous other guests and Lean experts. The project will be facilitated by Richard Kunst, Patrick Hart, and Chris White of La-Z-Boy Continuous Improvement, and Richard Evans, of the Canadian-based company Messier-Dowty.

During the week you will be participating in a wide variety of training sessions and workshops, each designed to enhance your knowledge of 5S+1 and visual systems, and expose you to the various tools and products we have to assist you, and all of our employees in our planned 5S+1 transformation. You will also be asked to conduct a 5-minute 5S tutorial with employees in your area each day, and to assist in the implementation of “5S projects” in your area as time and work schedules permit. Each one of the projects is designed to reduce waste and eliminate clutter, and all of the projects will take only one man-hour per person in that area.

In addition to our own La-Z-Boy Dayton employees, a team of outside eyes (and hands) will be helping transform some of our departments in need of attention into safe, clean, and effective workspaces.

• Have all our 5S Champions trained in 5S and its benefits and practicing 5S on a daily basis.
• 10% throughput improvement.
• Elimination of safety hazards
• A clean work environment, better organization, and more space
• Less searching for tools and parts
• Develop simple easy-to-follow work instructions
• Train 5S Coaches in 5S+1 methodologies, Visual workplace, Visual Work Instructions and Total Productive Maintenance
• Have 5S Coaches conduct tutorials with plant employees for a 5-minute period each day during the blitz, with one of the S’s conducted each day
• Maintain 5-minute 5S activities after the event
• Have 5S Coaches (with the help of facilitators and outside eyes) direct employees in their area in 1-hour per person 5S assignments (time and schedule permitting)
• Have outside eyes and visitors conduct “Intensive Care” 5S activities in 8 areas of the Dayton campus: (06: Poly, Cells, Upholstery Stocking, WSC, MSC; 19: Poly, Cells, Cutting)

The purpose of the 5S Makeover Blitz is to remove unnecessary materials and items, and improve process and material flow, and overall efficiency. 5S activities also aim to reduce safety hazards and create a clean, professional working environment for all La-Z-Boy employees.

The project will take place of the course of 1 week, but the 5S effort will continue always. The training sessions will last from ½ an hour to 2 hours depending on the date. The week will begin with an introduction to 5S+1, July 31st @ the Plant 06 and Plant 19 large Conference rooms. The event will be exciting and fast-paced; focusing on real time implementation of all our ideas, so come dressed appropriately (jeans, t-shirt, and comfortable shoes).

Myself, I will be in attendance during the training and helping out during the event. I am very excited about that. This process offers you an opportunity and a mechanism to capture and incorporate all the creative ideas that you have to offer. Rise to the challenge, and do not forget that your commitment, support and participation are what will enable our company and our people to benefit from this effort.

Once again, I congratulate you on your selection. I am looking forward to working with you and receiving your usual fine effort in getting the job done.

Don Butcher
Vice President La-Z-Boy Dayton Plant


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