Jul 31, 2006

Lean Thoughts

It is the eve of our week long “Extreme Plant Makeover” blitz at our LZB Dayton TN Campus. The coordinating team has been working hard for several weeks getting the agenda prepared and all of the assignments identified.

We know the event will be exciting and will provide our champions opportunities to share best practices, leverage resources and learn together during the week-long journey. We are excited that several of our key suppliers will be providing intensive coaching clinics during the week. In some areas, we may not get the extreme results, but if we can create Vision, Mission and a good jump-start on integrating or 5S+1 desires with our VSM identified projects … we will be more than satisfied.

This week you will be able to follow the progress of the event by logging daily --maybe even hourly -- onto this blog. We will be posting victories, accomplishments and challenges complete with pictures. So if you were not able to be here … there is an opportunity to attend and participate virtually.

-- Richard Kunst

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