Sep 25, 2006

One hotel's answer to wireless access woes

Your worst nightmare - urgent business, need to get online, your hotel's wireless access isn't working, and nobody knows what to do about it. Well, one Ontario hotel has the answer.

The Wilhelms were on vacation in Ontario last week, and stopped in Stratford for a little culture. There's a little hotel we like -- rooms above a restaurant, in fact. I had work with me, and getting online would have been nice, but not a matter of life or death. Fortunately.

I followed the directions, my laptop picked up a signal briefly and intermittently. I described my problem to the young lady at the desk, and she asked, "Are you using a Mac?" Always the first question - makes me glad I don't have one. Then it was, "Is your computer set up for wireless?" Yes. It works everywhere else. "Well, let me get Craig to help you. He's the guy who knows about the network." Craig was a bit busy - he's actally the bartender.

I didn't pursue the quest. But it made me think. Why not the bartender? When the guest gets exasperated, just ask him/her to bring their laptop to the bar, offer them a free beer or cup of coffee, and look at the machine together. Build some comraderie, lighten up, come to the conclusion that work just isn't worth it. Call the spouse and kids instead of e-mailing.

Would the world come to an end?

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JB said...

Hi Karen,

I can appreciate your comments as I was recently in a Hilton where I couldn't get hooked-up wirelessly.

I went down to the front desk and they gave me a little wireless modem and told me to plug it in to my computer "somewhere" and it should work. BTW, a $50. hold was put on my credit card until it was properly returned. They made me sign for it (out and in.) They weren’t taking any chances ; - )

Well, it didn't work, but I scavenged a little cord from it and made a hard connection into their system. Everyday I was there I also had to change my access code to be authorized which was a bit of a nuisance. They gave me 7 little slips of paper with new codes "for my convenience."

In the end I recall thinking that they could at least use a little standardized work with some visual work instructions to make the whole process a lot easier for the "guests."

Do you think Paris would hire me to do it? ; - )

All the Best,


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