Oct 13, 2006

Getting management on board

How often have we heard, "Lean won't work without management support"? It's undoubtedly true, but there must be some ways to convince "them" that lean is worth the commitment. So I'm asking you out there to share one or more ways to get management on board. And how do you pick which method to try? If we all do a good job, we'll have a Lean Directions article. I'm hoping we can compile ten ways, because that's a very nice number.

Let's help our colleagues quit complaining and lamenting if there are some solutions to the problem.


Mark Graban said...

You have to focus on metrics, not doing lean "just because".

What's their hot button? Safety? Quality? (hopefully it's those two). Delivering faster to customers? Increasing revenue? Decreasing costs?

You have to speak in financial or metrics language. It doesn't mean there is a direct "we'll increase revenue 17% in 60 days" type cause-and-effect... they have to give lean some time to work...

But, you have to tie the "why" into language that executives will get excited about, not the "what" you want to do.

Unknown said...

On a phone conference once I posed the question, and one person said his boss was "slapped around" in meetings with the higher-ups. The person didn't quite see the opportunity - the emotional pitch. When you can find the pain, and offer a way to prevent it, you should have an opening. This will probably include what Mark talks about, because the boss is probably getting beat up on one of the same metrics - quality or cost, and maybe safety.

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