Oct 25, 2006

Interviews you probably won't see anywhere else

Art Smalley just sent out his quarterly newsletter, which was kindly forwarded to me by Terry Begnoche of SME. Art has posted some new interviews with experts he met on a recent trip to Japan.

-Mr. Nakano former Tooling Regrind Supervisor
-Mr. Oka former Production Manager
-Mr. Jibiki on Set-Up Reduction
-Minoru Haga on Tooling Engineering
-Tom Harada on Equipment Maintenance
-Tom Harada on Jidoka
-Isao Kato Interview on TWI and TPS
-Isao Kato on Shigeo Shingo
-The Toyota Vision? European Sales Executive Yoshio Ishizaka

I strongly recommend that you visit his "Expert Interviews" page on the "Art of Lean" website and dig into them yourself. Thanks Art.

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