May 30, 2010

Take that, AT&T!

For a few weeks now, people have been telling me that when they've tried to call me they got a busy signal, for hours. But some calls came through. Those who recall my last episode with AT&T, know that tackling them again could be more than I could stand. I remained in denial for some time, making a decision eventually to go to internet phone service. Not having had a problem with Comcast in at least 15 years, I finally broke up with the phone company.

The lady at Comcast, available after 7 pm on a Friday unlike our friends in the public service business, was properly sympathetic at my moaning about the phone company, and got me set up for my new service to be installed next Friday. Not instantaneous, but reasonable.

I had to have the decision verified by a "third party" -- a recording that got my name and had me state that I was the holder of the phone company account. It warned me not to hang up in the middle. Here's where I might run into trouble. While I've been a party to a phone company account for more than 30 years, and paid the bills myself, my account has always been in the name of a spouse. In a sense, I had perjured myself. My fingers are crossed that I don't go back to square one here. (There's a good story about Microsoft on this subject, but I'll save it for another day."

So if you've tried to call and haven't gotten through, e-mail me and I'll call you. In a week my heart will belong to Comcast - let's hope it doesn't get broken.

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Unknown said...

This is an older post, which I found dormant in my drafts folder. AT&T has since rebuilt the network in the neighborhood and added fiber optic connections. They have sent very nice sales people to my door selling U-Verse.

I even told my story to a project manager who was responsible for some wizardry regarding sending packets of different sorts of information over the network lines.

Nevertheless, I hold a grudge. It's a reminder to check what's happening on your customer service lines, especially now that it's getting easier to do the data mining.

Once you lose a customer, you may not get her back.

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