Feb 13, 2007

Nissan helps hospital

From a UK Auto Industry press release: In the UK, Nissan Manufacturing UK has been sharing its lean manufacturing techniques with the local Sunderland Royal hospital in a knowledge sharing project which has so far halved the time patients spend in one of the hospital’s units from six, to three hours, by giving them specific appointment times. The number of steps used in patient treatment have been reduced from 29 to 11 after Nissan suggested unnecessary, duplicated checks could be removed.

Some leaning (can't say anyone is really lean) companies in the US are doing the same. Does anyone know how it has affected healthcare coverage costs? So far, I believe it's mainly speculation that it will happen - and I agree with the idea - but I'm wondering if there's any data yet to support it.


Mark Graban said...

I wouldn't necessarily look yet for a connection between hospital cost savings and insurance cost savings. That's a very complicated dynamic and, anyway, who says that the market price (as paid by companies for insurance) has anything to do with the market price (as paid by insurance providers to hospital) which has anything to do with the actual costs incurred by the hospital?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the concept of "lean-ing"!!!

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