Mar 28, 2007


I had a great interview with Fort Wayne mayor Graham Richard - more about that later. He mentioned that a continuing training program, the Mayor's Leadership Development Roundtable has the participants read books like Peter Senge's. That reminded me that I have never read "The Fifth Discipline." I hear people talking about the learning organization, and I followed the knowledge management flutter, and have spoken with a lot of people who firmly believe in the concept. So I've been nodding my head like I'm in the know, but really feel like someone who's never watched "24" - hey, I've never done that either.

So I ordered the book - you can get it for about $1.00 at either Amazon or ABE books.

Now this made me remember how easy it is to derail improvement in an organization. Years ago, I was at one of those "leadership" meetings where managers are all brought together to conjure up some big improvement in operations. Someone mentioned Senge, or the term "learning organization" and one of the people in charge said vehemently, "I never want to hear those words mentioned again!" OK, I won't bother with that.

How easy it would have been to ask what about a learning organization might apply to the situation at hand, or even offered to discuss the person's thoughts offline, if the subject would have really moved the meeting away from the goal.

Anyway, this must be more than ten years later and I've finally recovered from someone's stupid outburst. I just hope anyone on the receiving end of my own stupid outbursts has recovered enough to pursue whatever it was they were thinking about. It might make a good practice to always respond to stupid outbursts by going ahead with the idea that set off the fireworks.

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