May 15, 2007

My message to Barack Obama

I've been thinking about our future as a country (not that I'm excluding the rest of the world), and like Barack Obama. But I don't think he has any inkling that lean exists. Today I finally put my thoughts into words and submitted the following comments via his website. Maybe nothing will happen, but you gotta try.

"Having read your books, I feel confident in your character and your message of hope. I did note, however, a certain naivete about business. In manufacturing, in particular, there is a singular message of hope that all the candidates are missing. There’s an opportunity to take advantage of it, rather than bemoaning the loss of jobs to low-wage countries or fear of the Halliburtons and Enrons of the world.

"This message is the growing application of what is called “lean” to manufacturing production, as well as services, healthcare and government. Lean is not mean, and, contrary to what most journalists write, is not about getting rid of people. It is about getting rid of the waste of materials, time, and human creativity. It comes down to freeing the ability of people at all levels to think of better ways to do things, supported by training and resources. The philosophy is exemplified by Toyota, whose leaders based it on the writings of Henry Ford, among other Americans. In fact, the manner of training Toyota employees all over the world is a method called “Training within Industry,” developed in America during World War II to rapidly train inexperienced workers to do complex jobs effectively.

"Using the lean philosophy is not confined to Toyota by any means. Boeing, ITT, and Raytheon have been very successful. Why did Bill Ford hire Alan Mullally from Boeing? Because of his success in applying lean. (Boeing is not soaring on the basis of defense orders – it is Boeing Commercial Airplanes raking in orders for the new 787.)

"The reason the American auto companies are struggling is not overpaid factory workers. American plants in the auto industry are among the best in the world. One GM plant, NUMMI, in California, is a 20-some year old joint venture between GM and Toyota that has employed the same union workforce that GM had thought was its most troublesome and turned it into a world-class factory. That GM management ranks have been unable to assimilate the philosophy they’ve had long access to is nothing short of tragedy.

"Perhaps the most remarkable story is in small- to medium-sized business in across the range of manufacturing industries. Using the philosophy of lean and statistical quality management, they have competed effectively against offshore competitors. They have grown, and often have in-sourced work that had previously been done outside. This is the most moving story of hope.

"Even the military has embraced what they are calling “Lean Six Sigma,” with varying degrees of understanding and results. Operations like Warner-Robins Air Force Depot have stood at the top of the class.

"I know you are a student and gifted at reaching out and learning from others, so I will give you a few sources. Not far from Washington is the Northrop Grumman Newport News shipbuilding facility. They have formed ties with community colleges, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership sites, other local businesses and agencies, to transform what is happening there in Virginia. They would certainly welcome a visit and an interest in their lean transformation.

"Iowa being a key state politically, it is interesting that Governor Vilsack helped support lean implementation all over the state and within the government itself. It’s not clear what the present governor will do with that, but the state is full of good stories.

"Fort Wayne Indiana is a stone’s throw from Chicago, and the home of Mayor Graham Richard, a former manufacturer who had made the city function amazingly well. In fact, all of Indiana has become a region of hope, with Rolls Royce aircraft engines, Toyota, and other major corporations moving in to take advantage of a highly-skilled workforce.

"In Chicago itself is the headquarters of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, which has fostered many individuals and companies to achieve great progress in retaining and growing our manufacturing businesses in the US. Ralph Keller is the head of the organization, and could point you to hundreds of people who have created hope in the communities where they live and work. The AME national conference is in Chicago at the end of October. It draws over 1,000 people from all over the world to share their knowledge – consultants are rarely allowed to be speakers, so you hear from the real people implementing lean principles. Even if you can’t go to hear for yourself, I highly recommend sending some aides.

"My point is that you can learn what business can do for Americans, and that all of these companies – especially the smaller ones – can afford you opportunities to present your ideas in key states as you conduct your campaign.

"Of course I, along with better people who I could point to, stand ready to share what we have learned with you or your aides. There’s a huge list of readings I could recommend, but will spare you from in this message.

"I believe you can do much for this country, and even more if you investigate how business can be conducted to create an even stronger message of hope for Americans."


lionanimal said...

Hello Karen: I hear you. I hope Barack Obama hears you. I would like to send you my contact information and what I know about his camp. Have chatted with Jon Miller and Cindy Jimmerson.


Leo Henton

leo dot henton at comcast dot net

two oh six three oh four one one oh eight

aka, "lionanimal" in zip code 98118 on

Unknown said...

Imagine if some comprehension of lean ever got into a presidential candidate's radar!

Anonymous said...

Karen- nice post. I hope you don't mind if I steal a bit with pride, although perhaps directed a little differently (click on my name). Regardless of who we end up supporting, we should tell them about lean.

Mark Graban said...

Obama release his universal coverage plan... not single payer:


What do you think, from a lean context?

One thing I doubt:

"Obama aides said they believe that everyone would buy health insurance if it were affordable enough, achieving universal care."

I've seen studies that say many young people, out of college, purposely weigh the risks and choose NOT to buy coverage. Would you have to force people, ala the Massachusetts state plan?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I think it's another case of Obama being naive about business. What is "affordable enough"? Kids out of college have student loans and feel invincible. Plus, it would be really cool to have a new car, right?

Mark Graban said...

I just read a piece by Obama in "Modern Healthcare" magazine (probably not available online) where he talks about the need to reduce costs by improving patient safety, quality, and he actually uses the phrase "preventable medical errors."

This is a good sign.

I hope he, unlike Michael Moore, can bring this into the debate.

Obama doesn't mention "lean" but he's getting closer. He talks about sharing information publicly... we need more than information, we need methods.

He says, "Third, we would reduce the cost of our healthcare by improving quality."

If he can hammer that message home, that improving quality REDUCES cost, that would be fantastic.

I'd have to do some research into what the other candidates are saying.

Here's Obama's page on healthcare


Anonymous said...

I am a cancer survivor currently in treatment for recurrence. I'm also a teacher for certified nursing assistants. Not only do I want to receive quality care at a reasonable cost without the fear of loosing my insurance because they have a cap, but i also teach how to give quality care. I am wondering also is senator Obama coming to Fort Wayne, IN? If it's not in his plans I strongly feel he should make it part of his plan. Many people are talking about Bill Clinton coming here and if he (Obama) plans to win Indiana he should come and talk to the people here.

Anonymous said...

well I hope that everybody will take the time to think really hard before voting for this man. we need Hillary in there not Barack I don't trust him and if you are for a strong America you better not either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have IQ's just dropped sharply!? Obama is a threat to this nation, not it's saviour. There are experts who have studied the great depression and what prolonged it. Obama is planning on doing the very things that prolonged that terrible time! Wake up! If you elect him, you deserve him.

Anonymous said...

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A magyarok szív- és érrendszeri betegségekben és rákbetegségben
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A jelen iratok további címzettjei :

* Az USA-ból folytatott terrorháborús propagandáról való tájékoztatásként G. Bush elnök úrnak továbbítását kérve kapja: Mrs. Nancy Goodman Brinken, az Amerikai Egyesült Államok nálunk szolgáló nagykövete. Fax: 302-04963 (475-4676)

* Feljelentésként kapta: dr. Polt Péter legfőbb ügyész! Fax: 265-2665

Tisztelettel: Tejfalussy András kutatómérnök, parlamenti és akadémiai szakértő

Igen tisztelt Barack Obama, USA Elnök Úr!

A kálium túladagolása csak azokat pusztítja ki, akik nem fiziológiás Na-, K-, Cl- és víz- arány szerint pótolják ezeket az anyagokat. A kipusztítottak nyugdíjalapokba befizetett pénzei és az ingatlanai mind a gyilkosaiké lesznek. Ez a Mózes II. 23. 20-33. szerinti program, amit a keresztények realizálnak. A gazdasági világválságot is ez idézte elő!

Hungary, 2008. 11. 10.

Tisztelettel: Tejfalussy András dipl. mérnök
méréstani szakértő feltaláló

Ps.: Fejér Megyei Bíróság részére, az "összeesküvési elmélet" realitásának bizonyítására, a 3.P.20.689/2007/30. végzés ellen igényelt perújításhoz.

2008. november 10., hétfő, 11:38:41
András Tejfalussy
Amerika lakosságának a 2/3-át is ki akarják irtani. Valószínűleg a Mózes II. 23. 20-33. szerinti rablógyilkosság keretében, és valószínűleg saját maguk az ún. "keresztények".

Fejér Megyei Bíróság
Dr. Kozma Tamás bíró
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Dr. Kozma Tamás bíró úr azzal az ürüggyel hagyta figyelmen kívüll az engem rendőrök által összeverető és kifosztani próbáló okirat-hamisító, a magyarok és más népek kiirtását és eközben Magyarország és számos további ország kifosztását bűnpártoló többi hazai bíróságokkal és ügyészségekkel, valamint köztársasági elnökökkel szemben általam, ill. Dr. Simonyi Katalin ügyvéd által benyújtott összes mérési és tankönyvi valamint statisztikai stb. bizonyítékot is, mert "összeesküvési elméletnek" tüntette fel hamisan az általam közérdekű bejelentésként és közérdekű javaslatként, az állami szervek felé előterjesztett méréstani szakértői beadványaimat is. Csatolom a mellékelt bizonyítékot az ezek miatt kért perújításban elbírálásra, miután az nemzetközileg dokumentált statisztikákon alapul, melyek az összeesküvés tényleges létezését konkrétan bizonyítják. Az összeesküvés keretében, egyes külfldi és hazai publikációk szerint, Amerikából a jelenlegi lakosság 2/3-nak az 50 év alatt kipusztítását is előirányozták, lásd  E komplex, ökológiai-okonómiai-orvosi csalásokra alapozott összeeskűvés a csatolt dokumentumban részletezett műtrágya használati arányok összehasonlításából is nyilvánvaló. Már az előző világháború okaként is felhozták, lásd Arthur Koestler 1938-38-ben írt "Darkness at Noon"  c. könyvében, amelyet a Moszkvai perek dokumentumaira alapozott, miután a kálisóval műtrágyáztatás károságát bizonyító 40 tudóst kivégeztek, holott ők mondták az igazat. A Ptk. 484-487. §. szerinti közérdekű kárelhárítási szakértői tevékenységeink keretében is küldöm a jelen bűnügyi dokumentumot kivizsgálásra!  
Budapest, 2008. 11. 10.
 Tejfalussy András dipl. mérnök
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