Nov 15, 2007

Is this the voice of a new customer for you?

Lean manufacturers should be generating available capacity and resources as they slim down their production systems. Then what do you do? You need to add customers or products or both.

Here's an idea...There's a company looking for new PVCu/composite home building materials, improved manufacturing techniques, environmental technologies (e.g. integrated solar panels) or technologies to improve energy efficiency, U-value, product performance/lifetime, visual aesthetics and/or ease of installation. The company provides a range of channels to the home building market, so you don't have to deal with that part of the supply system.

Specifically, the company is looking for doors, windows, conservatories and roofing systems, garages, porches, canopies, awnings, carports etc. They also want roof line products, e.g. fascia, soffit, guttering/rainwater systems, cladding, panelling etc.

Maybe you have technologies that could be used for ventilation/heating/cooling systems, hardware & accessories. If you do, contact: Introduction Manager, +1-781-972-0600 or email

If you don't have anything for this market, subscribe to's newsletter. There's a wealth of tips for markets that are just opening up -- maybe there's one for you. The company's web address, not surprisingly is

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