Jan 17, 2008


I'm happy for LEI that they have an anniversary, and perhaps no one is more influential than they are. Their collection of observations from the community is called "REFLECTIONS ON LEAN."

Can I claim that I might have inspired or influenced the choice of the title? Probably not.

Here's the info... let me know if you like the book:

LEI says: The monograph Reflections on Lean was created in honor of LEI’s 10th Anniversary in September of 2007. In an effort to “go to the Gemba” we asked members of our community to submit their answers to the question, “How has lean changed your life?” Stories from people practicing lean in their daily lives (the do-ers) are coupled throughout the book with complementary quotes from other noteworthy sources (the thinkers). By sharing with you the struggles and triumphs your peers have experienced, we hope this book will serve as motivation while applying lean to your own work.
Discount Information: Purchase 1-9 copies for $10/each. Purchase 10+ copies and receive a 50% discount.
Publisher: Lean Enterprise Institute
ISBN: 978-1-934109-18-2
Number of Pages: 65

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Anonymous said...

Womack definitely copied the name of your blog -- heck, they could have called the book Hansei instead.

As an act of gratitude, LEI should send you 30 books for free :)

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