Jun 8, 2008

Help re-format my blog

I just "upgraded" the format to my blog in blogger. Usually I can figure out what's going on in a Google product, but a few things here have me baffled:

How can I get rid of the underlining on post titles?

How can I use an RSS icon in the right-hand column to update you on new posts instead of Blogarithm? There's an atom subscribe option at the bottom of the page, but who'd see that?

Looks like it discards Site meter to make you use Google analytics. I suppose I can live with that.

Otherwise, I love some new Google things: Customizing my iGoogle home page, Google Doc online collaboration, Picasa, Notebook (much easier than bookmarks). Calendar is OK. The "Task" gadget I found was crummy.

Google encourages innovation by having a job where you just travel the world and do whatever you want so you can produce really new things. And it buys companies with interesting applications and brings them under the Google umbrella. When you're in beta, you know you're in beta. Some things don't work as well in Firefox as they do in Explorer. Known bugs are listed, and your opinion is asked about features. You feel part of a community of really smart people.

Try a new Google thing today, just to nudge some new ideas. Look at the top left of your iGoogle page and pick something. Go ahead and use iGoogle. One thing... they make you think you have to set up a gmail account first, but you don't.

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Mark Francis Jaeger said...

Bad news, Karen. I don't believe that you can remove the underlines, at least not for everybody - those titles are hyperlinks, and your browser provides the underline (Google might not won't want you changing their Blogger CSS files).

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