Jun 7, 2008

Top 100 mistake-proofing devices

Here's my nomination for one of the best poka-yoke devices ever - the tethered gas cap. I heard a tapping as I drove up Inkster road today after filling my tank at the Mobil station (don't ask - at least I have a little Volvo). Aaah...must have forgotten to close the filler tube. Yes, and I didn't have to drive back to the station to get it. Without the cap being tethered, I wouldn't have even have heard the tapping. I'd just be slopping gasoline all over the place. Thank you, unrecognized engineer!


Anonymous said...

Along those same lines, the poka yoke I use constantly, especially while traveling, is that little arrow next to the pump icon on the gas gauge. I first started noticing it about 6 or 7 years ago, and since then I no longer have to guess which side the gas cap is on my rental cars! So simple!

Unknown said...

Who knew? Every so often I forget which side the gas cap is on in my own car. That's because I'm writing blog posts in my head.

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