Jul 16, 2008

Engineering and art intersect

For you geeks (I say that in a good way - I married one and gave birth to another) who love 3D simulation, fancy data gathering, and technology you probably already know about Velodyne Lidar that lets you do things like:

Autonomous vehicle navigation (commercial and military)
Automotive safety systems, adaptive cruise control, lane following
3-D mapping
Surveying - mobile, as-built
Autonomous agricultural vehicles
Movie set rendering
Mining vehicles, profile monitoring
Tunnel surveys
Security - building perimeter monitoring

Well, it's penetrated art and the making of music videos. Take a look at this

Be sure to view this video about the making of the video.

Info about the video on Stereogum

Also here's a discussion of the technology

If nothing else, you can at least talk about Radiohead to your kids or younger associates and see if they think you are any cooler than you were.

Must be a lean application in here somewhere - maybe you can think of one and tell us about it.


Lester said...

Cool.... There are other digital places, have you visted Second Life or the new Google Lively? They both offer digital representatins of life that can be used in lots of ways. Only limited by your imagination.... My friend Bill Bentley is doing 6Sigma training in Second Life and setting up experiments for the students to measure and learn from.


Unknown said...

Hi Lester,

I've been afraid to go to Second Life because I hardly know how to do all the new technology stuff in my first life - still trying to figure out how to use my Blackberry. I listen to Science Friday on NPR and they have avatars there, so it sounds interesting. The six sigma training and experimenting sounds really intriguing.

Lester said...

Yes, the barrier to entry is high for the immersive environments....lots to learn just to walk and talk. ;-) There are some pretty seedy places there also, but the university and learning areas appear to be a wave that is really useful. Some developers are putting together immersive environments just to be used by Universities and that will stop some of the seedier elements of Porn and gambling that has caused Second Life a lot of negative publicity.


Unknown said...

Lester, I have to hold you responsible for the hour I spent seeing what's there. The educational part, simteach, is interesting. There was reference, in German, to a virtual architectural design competition at the University of Aachen. This is how the next generation is going to discover engineering - or how they could.

Lester said...

An hour investment in learning is OK. Now you can add that to the things that you can Blog about ;-)

control valves said...

Thanks for the information, I like your take on blogging.

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