Dec 14, 2008

I Promise America

My friend AJ O'Neil, proprietor of AJ's Music Cafe and famed for his Danny Boy Marathon, impulsively started a campaign called "I Promise America to Buy American," (and we'll give you coffee.) with the offer of a free cup of coffee if you take the pledge. From a handwritten sign-up sheet on the coffee counter to a TV news item, he's gotten attention. You can sign on at I Promise America.

To my international readers - you should understand that layoffs here in the Detroit area are getting to the point of being devastating. And we should understand that job losses are worldwide.

The lesson to learn is that AJ's gesture has helped to brighten the gloom and add some hope for anxious people in our community. At least they feel some support. You might ask what gesture you could make in your community to make a scary economic situation feel safer for your neighbors.

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