May 27, 2009

LinkedIn pitfall

Oh dear -- I just misunderstood how a LinkedIn feature worked and sent 25 invitations to connect with people in my address book, when I meant to send one specific one.

With LinkedIn, you can import your address book and see who you know who is not already a connection. Then you can batch mail invitations to all of them. This is generally a BAD IDEA!

I have people in my e-mail address book who I e-mailed once but hardly know, including a baseball-hall-of-fame broadcaster I was allowed to contact once. I don't think he's going to appreciate an out-of-the-blue generic invite to something he probably knows nothing about.

To use the feature respectfully, you only select people who will know who you are and who are already LinkedIn members. You send your invitations one at a time, and personalize your message. That gives the person you know well a feeling of cooperation. It gives the person you don't know well a context for feeling you will be a useful connection in his or her network.

This blast is not going to enhance my reputation at all. So be careful and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

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