Jul 14, 2009

Finding the signal within the noise

Lean Reflections gets a fair amount of traffic from Google searches, and I have to share this one that brought a searcher to my site: I NEED SUMMARY OF THREE CUPS OF TEA YOU STUPID COMPUTER. Boy, what's a lean reflection on this? I suppose it's similar to the TV commercials for Microsoft's Bing--too many irrelevant results on Google. I haven't tried Bing because of an irrational revulsion at all things Microsoft, but they certainly home in on a need.

There's always noise surrounding a signal and that interferes with lean thinking, especially at the start. Everyone has an opinion and so many things are going wrong, all competing for attention. Like Homeland Security looking for a terrorist by gathering data from all our computer and phone transactions, you're looking for an underlying problem in an avalanche of information.

So, lean guys and gals out there, how to you decide what to go after?

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