Dec 17, 2009

Want to find energy savings? Look up...

Buildings use something like 30% of the energy consumed in this country. We already know that continuous improvement means a lot of small things adding up to something bigger.

So try this end-of-year activity -- while you walk through your office, cafeteria, rest rooms, and production floor, look up at the HVAC exhaust vents. I'll bet you'll find the grids clogged with dust, blocking full flow of air through your system. It's an easy fix, just brush or vacuum out the dirt. Even if you discover you need complete duct cleaning, vacuuming the ducts is a small improvement you can make now.

Don't have the maintenance staff to tackle the big job? Here are a few things to ponder: Is exhaust vent cleaning on a regular maintenance or cleaning service checklist? Does this point out a need to review resource deployment? Do you have proper equipment for doing the job? Do you do a good job in the plant but not in the offices and common areas? What's the effect on morale when people notice crud in their workplace? What's the effect on employee health when air isn't circulating the way your calculations say it is? What's the effect on production equipment to have air and heat circulation impeded? What's the effect on efficiency and energy consumption of your HVAC systems that have to work harder to pull the amount of air they're designed for?

Let's all breathe a little easier in 2010, and save money while we're doing it.


Unknown said...

Most people are now aware that indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. So there is a need for air duct cleaning service in our home.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, Shane. Sounds like building maintenance managers should investigate this for future action.

5s Lean said...

Actually put this into practice at our facility today, hired an outside group to do a cleaning of all our air ducts. Found out our maintenance department not doing very good job at maintaining our system. Thanks for post lets see if our maintenance team can maintain.

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