May 20, 2010

From customer service problem to authentic social relationship

Rather than post this as a comment on my previous post, Defects and Emotions, I decided to feature the response from Tomasso Melani Gori as a new one. I received a marketing followup from Tomasso and decided to just shoot back a note about my experience and a link to my blog. Tomasso's response is an outstanding example of forming a relationship from a problem...

Dear Ms. Wilhelm,

I really enjoyed reading your blog, that leads beyond the single experience to deeper emotions on how expectations, efforts and commitment do not always meet!

I’m extremely sorry that you did not share with us your concerns and disappointment right away. I’m exactly like you and I usually do not express my concerns nor I complain, so I do understand why you didn’t. But when I’m sitting on this side of the counter, please be sure that I never consider customers’ complaints as a bother, but on the contrary it’s a way to perfect what wasn’t and help us strive for the best quality we can deliver.

I can obviously offer you to return us the jacket anytime to fix the imperfection. If you decide so, please make sure to email me first, so that I can give you apposite instructions and avoid you problems with Italian Customs upon import to Italy.

I will take care of the seam and mail you back the jacket in no time.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I send you my very best regards,

Tommaso Melani

Tommaso Melani Gori, MBA
Marketing & Export Dept. manager
Scuola del Cuoio, Firenze

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