Dec 24, 2010

Santa's KPIs

If Santa had a KPI dashboard, what metrics would he be watching?

Some answers from friends on Twitter:
@jorgekravitz - leadtime get gift

@awille - ratio of good to naughty, trended against last CY and target :-)

@ stevenleuschel - For his N pole fctry: safety, quality, productivity, human dvlpt and cost. What would this mean specifically? hmmm....

@qualiahr - Santa wouldn't have an KPI dashboard because he is good :)
Santa does have GPS and logistics monitoring -- 

Track Santa's progress on Google maps or on Google Earth. Follow Santa on Twitter at @noradsanta. Shopping? Search "santa" on you mobile phone's Google maps app. Thanks NORAD!

-Are there feeder sleighs for rapid resupply?

-Flexible factory for last-minute changes to mix?

-Is there a process for missed deliveries?

-Does he take cookies home to gain-share with the workforce?

-Has Santa ever applied for a Shingo Prize or Baldrige Award?

If anyone has made a site visit and can answer these questions, we want to hear from you!

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