Feb 28, 2011

Don't discount email as a social media tool

Social media attracts workshop attendees

I got into a conversation with Greg Bruns, AME Great Lakes Region President, about how social media fits into the need to promote region events, when I got this email he sent to members:

Hello -

Event Alert!

Greg Bruns (Yours Truly) has queued up a excellent "Making the Abnormal Visual" workshop at ATTC Mfg (Tell City, IN).

There are a few seats remaining for the event.


Just announced! Folks who are planning to arrive the night before will be invited
to a dinner (with drinks) at no additional charge (Hosted by Perry County Development Corp.and ATTC Mfg).
Plan is to have an "Open Mic" night to share best practices.

Also, attached is the electronic flyer for your review.

Thanks in advance ...


Greg Bruns
AME Great Lakes President

I replied to Greg and asked how the approach was working -- after all, e-mail is the social medium we're all most comfortable with. He replied:

One hour after I sent out the email, received response from a few and sold several seats to the event (On Saturday!).
Few weeks ago the sales for the Bimbo Bakery tour needed a boost. Along with everything else our team was doing, I sent the email blast, it sold out.
Received a few emails recently from the member base that they appreciated the fact that the
AME regional president took the time to send them a personal invite.

What I am finding out from the member base is that they care about AME and will participate if they
know that the president cares and that the president participates.

Cool stuff... So much fun...


Greg makes some important points:

  • It worked in two different cases
  • Members appreciated hearing from a real person
  • The message is personal and informal, not marketing-speak
  • Greg's position as President was a factor
  • Members care if they see the leaders care
  • Members participate if they see the leader participates
  • Greg had fun doing it

We're going to talk later this week about how to add LinkedIn to the process. I say "add" because it's not more effective than the e-mail -- there is no "one best way." It just accomplishes different things. More on that tomorrow.


Tim McMahon said...

Thanks for sharing Karen.

Tim McMahon

Unknown said...

Karen, thanks as always for sharing.

I believe you are right. There are many different channels. People do have to recognize that there is a best fit for each venue. Blasting email, message groups, forums, LinkedIn, and so on all with the same message in the same format starts looking like spam quickly.

Matt Wrye said...

Thanks for sharing. Sometimes the I tune out the message boards and discussions groups because it starts to sound like spam. Sometimes a good "old fashion" email is just what is needed.

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