May 26, 2011

Companies doing a good job with lean

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With real lean seeming like a matter of high hopes and subsequent disillusionment, it's good to hear from some folks in the trenches about what they see that is encouraging. I asked for recommendations of companies excelling at lean from the Association for Manufacturing Excellence LinkedIn group, and thought I'd share the tips with you.
Jeff: You may consider contacting MSI Mold Builders of Cedar Rapids, IA. I can likely give you several more - from both the US and Canada. Most of the shops that have survived have been very innovative with using the latest technologies available to them.

Tucker: we have several here in Illinois. Let me know if you want to talk.

Ron: The ZF Lemforder Axle Plant in Tuscaloosa is a close to a Toyota plant that I have seen. They are also a Shingo Prize winner.

Joe: If you would like to feature a small company I believe that Systems2Win in Nashville, TN is great example. Their take and practice of PDCA is excellent. It is embedded in their culture and practice exactly what they preach. Also Praxair and Sonoco are other companies that are getting along in their journey and have had some remarkable success.

Tom: We are working with the one of the last drapery and decorative window hardware manufacturers in the United States. They have fully embraced the methodology and are finding great success.

Fermín: I worked several years for Milliken and they were very focused in lean manufacturing in all the plants I visited in the States and in Europe.

Jeri: Another one would be Andersen Windows, Menominee WI Assembly facility. They are well on their way and the culture is quite evident.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a company. E-mail me at if you would like introductions.

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