Feb 29, 2012

Is Pinterest of any use to our lean teams?

I started using Pinterest to keep track of things I found on shopping sites that I might want to come back and buy. Then I heard about other innovative uses. What could Pinterest do for collaborative teams? Here's one of my experiments...
My social media collaboration board on Pinterest

Pinterest is growing exponentially and people are finding unexpected uses for it. My daughter-in-law and her girlfriends are on a virtual spring break in Rio right now using Facebook to talk about it and Pinterest to show where they go and what they pack to wear.

I can envision uses for our teams. With the visual nature of Pinterest, you could upload your images of a workstation, visual control, or screen capture (that's what the image above is -- I couldn't find a way to embed my actual board here in Blogger). Then by combining images on a team problem or project board, you could use the comment feature and/or a conference call to discuss an issue with your team.

On my Virtual Factory Tour board, I found a video from Carvin Guitars about making a guitar on Kevin Meyer's Virtual Plant Tour page on Superfactory. Then I also found a video of Joe Walsh (James Gang, Eagles) talking about everything he wanted in a perfect guitar and showing the result of a lot of discussions he had had with Carvin so their design/manufacturing team could improve their product and make him a one-off guitar. This is great marketing, but also a great way for every team member, at any time since the video was made in 2008, to have a vivid experience with the voice of the customer. (Includes a little testimonial from Frank Zappa too.)

Karen's Virtual Factory Tour Pinterest Board

How can we use Pinterest to advance our work in lean and continuous improvement? I urge you to experiment. If you need an invite in order to join, contact me. The corporate counterpart, like Yammer is the internal Twitter tool, must be in development somewhere.

I think we have a game changer here. Let me know where your imagination takes you.

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